BSN Ballabio,

BSN is a world leading company that specialises in the production of machines and solutions to load shotshells and ammunition for the civilian market.

Passion and technology par excellence.

Founded in Italy in 1966 by Luciano Ballabio, BSN is today present with its exclusive products in all international markets, exporting 90% of its production. Passion, constant research and technological update are the strengths that define BSN’s professional management.

With a team of engineers that work every day to develop the best solution for each product, BSN is able to meet individual requirements by designing highly customised products, in order to enable their use in complete autonomy and independence. 

A quick and resourceful assistance service turns BSN into the ideal supplier and partner.

Our machines.

BSN offers a complete series of integrated machines for the production, printing and packing of hunting and sporting ammunition.