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BSN produces a wide range of machines and solutions to load shot shell and ammunition for the civilian market. From complete loading lines to assemble and package shot shells to the most sophisticated machines to produce ammunition in large quantities. BSN also offers an extensive range of technologies aimed to control, validate and certify both ballistic and dimensional specifications of any ammunition produced. officina3BSN has been operating for more than 40 years into the loading industry achieving a truly unique experience aimed to supply customers a superior quality product. Thanks to its highly experienced team of professionals BSN today is a consolidated partner of all leading manufacturers worldwide, capable of providing on-time solutions for any type of loading.mappamondoAfter more than 40 years, over 500 machines installed in 80 countries and 5 continents, BSN is proud to be in the lead of the Industry with its 90% of exported machines and systems. Almost all installed machines are still operating today after decades of operations and hundred of millions of pieces made, with a full heavy use of 24/7 manufacturing.ufficiotecnicoBSN R&D policy is focused on a continuous improvement of the Technology and Services provided. Our clients can count on highly trained and skillful team to overcome any request. Our Goal is to become not a simple supplier but indeed a long term and strategic partner.ricambiBSN post sales support offers a complete backup of spare parts both from recent and most dated machines. We know how expensive is the downtime of a production line especially under heavy production loads, for this reason 80% of the most wearable spare parts are always in stock. Once the part to be replaced is known and the order is placed, our shipping department ships within 24hrs worldwide. On request we can also provide upgrades and special parts.officina2BSN wide range of machines suits a vast audience in the market. bsn-world-map2See the full range of services offered

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BSN is the Leading company in the engineering and manufacturing of shot shell and ammunition loading machines and complete systems. From 12, 16, 20 Gauge to 9×19, 9×21, .308, .223 ammunition and more.

One-stop solution for loading systems 100%
Shotshell loading machines 100%
Ammunition 80%
Pre & Post customer service 95%

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