DINAMICA is the new seiautomatic printing-packing machine with high production; it is a user friendly machine and in accordance with the normative for safety.

DINAMICA has been completely renovated in the working phases of introduction cartridges, printing and packing cartridges.

Thanks to its new configuration, the operator is able to improve the regulation of the machine according to the length of the cartridge and changing calibre is easier.

DINAMICA is suitable for printing and packing each types of calibres and all lengths of cartridges.

DINAMICA has to be connected to KAMELEON loading machine.

A new system of the insertion cartridges into the boxes allows to adapt to all different calibers.

Main features

MAXIMUM THEORETIC CAPACITY: Working speed 125pcs for minute

Production rate of 7500 pcs/hr

AVAILABLE GAUGES: From 12 ga to 410

DIMENSIONS : Length 3500 (138 inches). Width 600 mm (12 inches)

HEIGHT:  2250 mm (89 inches)

WEIGHT: 800 kgs

MAXIMUM ABSORBED POWER: 0.5 Kw—standard 360/420V 50 Hz