Extrema & Sintesi line is the perfect solution for loading, printing and packing of cartridges for smooth barrels, both for hunting and trap/skit.

The maximum theoretic productive capacity is 12.500 pcs/hr; the efficiency is more than 90%.

The whole productive process is monitored by systems that guarantee the quality control of the product at 100%.

The feeding systems have been planned in order to fit most of the components (cartridges cases-wads-powder-lead) currently on the market

The line can be assembled as follows:

Steel shot dispenser and tube shape wad cutting system;

Packing machine for boxes opened on two sides or “self-locking”

Box seal with adhesive tape

Production lot stamping inside the box

Stamping outside the box ( for the lead size)


The line can be supplied with the following accessories:
Cases Elevator – max capacity 15000 pcs.

Wads Elevator – max capacity 25000 pcs.

Leads or steel shots elevator – – max capacity 1000 Kg.

Cases+Wads Hopper (to be installed on the loading machine).

Powder pre-feeding external system – max capacity  17,5 kg

Rubber cliché for cold printing (based on customers’ design).

Inks in different colors.

Automatic packaging machine for 250pcs boxes.

Main features:
Maximum theoretic capacity: 12500 pcs / hr – (500 boxes containing 25 pcs each)
Available gauges: gauges 12/16/20.

Maximum power absorbed by the whole line 6 kW – standard 400V – 50Hz three-phase
* Different voltages and frequencies are available on request
Compressed air consumption: 650 NL/min at 6 Bar { 650 NL/min at 90 PSI }