Inserting 2 has been projected for inserting and skiving. Thanks to its productivity and its simplicity, this machine is perfect for big and small lots of production.

The very strong machine frame, made of welded steel, gives stability to the whole structure.

The main movement is rotative, the highest speed is 160 stroke/min. The precision and the reability of this movement is guaranteed by hardened ground mechanic cams.

The primer feed is carried out by vibrating bowl feeder that, thanks to an update electronic system, guarantee a constant vibration according to the charge variations inside the bowl itself. This allows a continuos feed of the components, then distributed by rotative system for the following insertion into the cartridges cases.

The machine permits the primer inserting and skiving the top of the shell-cases (65/67/70/76mm). During this operation the machine makes also the skive into the interior of the cartridges-cases, to facilitate the rimming of the cartridge in the loading machine.

Main features:

  • Adjustable working speed: 160 pcs for minute
  • Production  rate: 10000 pcs for hour
  • Installed power: 3 Kw
  • Air working pressure: 6/8 bar
  • Net weight: 1500 kg approx
  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Height: 2000 mm