INSERTING C.F. has been projected for priming. Thanks to its high productivity and to its simplicity this machine is perfect for big and small production lots.

  • Very strong machine frame, made of welded steel, gives stability to the whole system.
  • The main movement is rotative, the highest speed is 100 stroke/min. The precision and the reliability of this movements are guaranteed by hardened ground mechanic cams.
  • The primer feed is carried out by two vibrating bowl feeders that, thanks to a sophisticated electronic system, guarantee a constant vibration according to the charge variations inside the bowl itself. This allows a continuous feeding of the components, then distributed by rotative system for the subsequent insertion into the cartridge case.
  • Each loading phase is controlled by sensor and photoelectric cells, which stops the production automatically in case of defects.
  • A touch-screen display allows to interact with the machine, informing the operator about the inputs and outputs state, thus facilitating the production processes as well as the adjustment phases.
  • An OMRON frequency controller allows to adjust the speed of the main motor, in order to gear the production speed according to the kind of loading in progress. It also particularly useful during the phases of adjustment and charge of the gauge.
  • The routine maintenance has been simlified tank to a centralized lubricant distributor, thus decreasing the machine stop tImes and, therefore, the costs. Besides, this system guarantees a uniform distribution of the lubricant, reducing the wear of the mechanical part remarkably.

Maximut theoretic capacity:  8000/9600 pcs for hour

Length 1000mm  Width 840 mm  Height 2125 mm 

Weight 1500 Kg- 

Maximum absorbed power 3 Kw—standard 360V/420V SO Hz three-phase

(Different voltages and frequencies are available on request)