KAMELEON has been projected mainly for frequent size changes and, at the same time, for high productions; this is the reason why the components feed and distribution system are quickly interchangeable and do not need difficult adjustment.

• The very strong machine frame, made of welded steel, gives stability to the whole structure.

• The main movement is linear-alternate, the highest speed is 125 strokes/min. The precision and the reliability of this movement is guaranteed by hardened ground mechanism.

▪ The component feed is accomplished by a vibrating bowl feeder that, tanks to a state-of-the-art electronic system, guarantees a constant vibration according to the charge variations inside the bowl itself.

This allows a continuous feed of the components, then distributed by pneumatic system for the subsequent insertion into the cartridge case.

Main features

Maximum theoretic capacity:  7500 pcs for hour
Production rate: 7500 pcs for hour
Available gauges:  12-16-20-24-28-32-410 and different cases height
Over-powder (Plastic/Felt/Cork) feed system
Fiber and plastic wads feed system
Steel shots tube shape wad feed system+wad cut system
Plastic BIOR Buckshots wads feed system
Slugs feed system—Buckshot counter SOLEX—Buffer measuring
Carton/Plastic clousure disc feed system—Star clousure system
Dimensions : Lenghth 1400mm (55 inches) / Width 840 mm (34 inches)/ Height 2125 mm (84 inches)
Weight : 1980 Kg—( 4365 pounds )
Maximum absorbed power 6 Kw—standard 360V14201/ 50 Hz three-phases