REIR 600 Universal Receiver is an equipment able to accomodate barrels used for ballistictesta on. Using fit transducers, it is possible to measure gas pressure, gas pressure patterns, projectile velocity, interior and exterior ballistic times and firing dispersion patterns.
REIR 600 has been realised to let the assemblage of manometric barrel with great exterior diameter so that it’s possible to insert pressure transducers directtly on barrel housing.
StrikStrik consist of various parts of which the faring pin is electrically isolated from remaining structure and it’s connected to BNC connector.



  • The same receiver can be used with any ballistic barrels. no matter for civil or military cartridges up to 50 gage
  • The receiver can accommodete barrels responding to NATO, CIP, SAAMI and other specifications
  • Easy substitution of the barrel
  • Possibility of adjusting the head space every time the barrel is substituited by one other
  • Possibility of substitued of the firing pin and adjustment of firing pin protruslon
  • Easy cartridge loading and simple removal of the spent case


Main features

Length: 1100 mm
Width: 400 mm
Height: 1100 mm
Net Weight: Kg 150