SINTESI is the machine for printing, packing and sealing the boxes after the loading machine.

Sintesi is able to be connected to:
KAMELEON with production rate up to 7.500 pcs/h
EXTREMA with production rate up to 12.500 pcs/h
SINTESI is fitted to stamp, pack and close gauge 12-16-20 (25 pcs) with height 65/67/70/76.

Adjustable working speed: 200 pezzi per minute
Production rate: 12.500 pcs/h
Maximum absorbed power: 2 Kw
Net weight: 2200 Kg
Air working pressure: 6/8 bar
Length: 2100 mm
width: 1400 mm
Hight: 1700 mm

    • Each loading phase is controlled by sensors and photoelectric cells, which stop the production automatically in case of defects.
    • A touch-screen display allows to interact with the machine, informing the operator about the inputs and outputs state, thus facilitating the production processes as well as the adjustment phases.
    • An OMRON frequency controller allows to adjust the speed of the main motor, in order to gear the production speed according to the kind of loading in progress. It also particularly  useful during  the phases of adjustment and changing of the gauge.
    • The routine maintenance has been simplified tank to a centralized lubricant distributor, thus decreasing the machine stop tImes and, therefore, the costs. Besides, this system guarantees a uniform distribution of the lubricant, reducing the wear of the mechanical part remarkably.