BSN was founded in 1966 in the city of Brescia as a mechanical workshop producing parts and components for the weaving machinery industry. In 1970 the first loading machine for shot shell cartridges was designed and what later became an industry milestone saw the light for the first time. In 1985, following a huge market success, BSN moves its production facility in the new plant located in Cellatica.

Focused on innovation, quality and unique customer support BSN has become the one-stop-solution for any loading request, whether it’s centerfire or shot shell loading BSN can provide its clients with the most effective solution in terms of productivity and price.

After more than 40 years BSN mission is to strive for perfection through the passion and dedication of the people in the company. One happy customer turned into hundreds of happy clients in more than 80 countries worldwide sealing BSN success in the industry.

Luciano Ballabio


Irene Ballabio

Sales Manager

Cristian Bertuzzi

Customer Care & Service

Patrizia Mangiarini

Senior accountant