Inserting is the machine that has been designed for the primer inserting and skiving of shell cases.

INSERTING has been designed in order to meet a production request with frequent change of calibre. Calibre changing operations are quick and do not require particular adjustments. The machine frame, which is completely made of steel, gives stability to the entire structure. The accuracy and reliability of its movement are guaranteed by hardened and rectified mechanical cams. The components are fed by means of vibrators, which – thanks to an advanced electronic system – guarantee constant vibration when the load inside the container varies. This enables a constant feeding of components.

  • Primer inserting of all the calibres available: 12-16-20-24-28-32-410.

  • Primer inserting of all shell case heights from 12/65 to 12/89.

  • The shell case skiving facilitates the closure of the cartridge in the loading machine.

Regular maintenance has been simplified thanks to a centralised lubrication system, thus reducing machine stop times and, consequently, costs. In addition, this system guarantees a uniform distribution of the lubricant, thus reducing the wear of mechanical parts. All motors are controlled by inverters in order to improve management and the product accuracy.

Electrical pneumatic components:

Mechanical components:

Main features

9000 pcs/h


Length: 1200 mm / PDepth: 1200 mm

Height 2000 mm

1500 Kg