Automatic machine for loading pistol and rifle ammunition.

Thanks to its high production capacity and its simplicity of use, Metallica is perfect for large and small production batches. The machine frame, which is completely made of steel, gives stability to the entire structure. The accuracy and reliability of its movement are guaranteed by hardened and rectified mechanical cams. Components are fed via innovative mechanical systems, the successful result of a BSN project. This enables a constant feeding of components. Each work phase is controlled by sensors and photocells that automatically stop production whenever an anomaly is detected. A touch screen display can be used to interact with the machine and to inform the operator about inputs and outputs, thus facilitating production processes and adjustment phases.

  • Loading of all the calibres available

  • Regular maintenance has been simplified thanks to a centralised lubrication system, thus reducing machine stop times and, consequently, costs. In addition, this system guarantees a uniform distribution of the lubricant, thus reducing the wear of mechanical parts.

  • Innovative and exclusive component feeding system by Bsn.

All motors are controlled by inverters in order to improve management and the product accuracy.

Electrical pneumatic components:

Mechanical components:

Main features

7500 pcs/h

Length: 1700 mm / PDepth:  930 mm

Height 2126 mm

1980 Kg