Automatic machine to press tubes, base wads and metal head.

PRESSING has been projected to press and fix the components after ASSEMBLING machine. It is an automatic machine to make shot shells with high production and simple working. The machine allows to press with precision, tube, base wads and metal head.

After this phase, shotshells are fed to priming machine INSERTING The machine is equipped with safety guards.The machine frame, which is completely made of steel, gives stability to the entire structure. the main movement is rotary kinematic.

  • Each working stage is checked by sensors and photocells which automatically stop production if an anomaly is detected.

  • A touch-screen display is used to interact with the machine, inform the operator about inputs and outputs, thus facilitating manufacturing processes and adjustment stages.

  • An OMRON frequency controller adjusts the speed of the main motor to synchronise the production speed according to the type of loading in progress. This is particularly useful during the adjustment and gauge change steps.

Routine maintenance has been simplified thanks to a central lubrication system, which reduces machine downtimes and, as a consequence, costs too. This system also ensures uniform lubricant distribution and minimises wear of mechanical parts.

Calibres Available:
12-16-20-24-28-32-410 and different heights
Suitable for all types of loading

Main features

10000 pcs/h

Length: 1250 mm / PDepth: 1050 mm

Height 1720 mm

2000 Kg