Automatic machine for printing and semi-automatic machine for boxing shotshell ammunition.

SUPER DINAMICA has been designed in order to meet a production request with frequent change of calibre. Calibre changing operations are quick and do not require particular adjustments.

The machine frame, which is completely made of steel, gives stability to the entire structure. Thanks to its new configuration and to the presence of a touch screen display, the operator in charge of boxing is able to adjust the machine production according to the type of calibre and the length of cases. Each printing and boxing phase is controlled by sensors and photocells that immediately stop production when a defect is found.

  • Prints and boxes all available calibres: 12-16-20-24-28-32-410.

  • Prints and boxes all case heights: from 12/65 to 12/89.

  • Boxing foreseen every 5, 10, 20, 25 pieces, either linear or overlapped.

  • Simplified gauge change via a touch screen that controls printing speed in sync with the Super Kameleon loading machine.

Main features

7500 pcs/h

Length: 3700 mm / PDepth: 900 mm

Height 1718 mm

350 Kg