Inserting Inserting is the machine that has been designed for the primer inserting and skiving of shell cases. INSERTING has been designed in order to meet a production request with frequent change of calibre. Calibre changing operations are quick and do not require particular adjustments. The machine frame, which is completely made of steel, gives […]


Polvere Accessories It is a pneumatic system to feed gunpowder automatically. POLVERE must be installed in an area different from that where the ammunition is loaded, and connected to the machine through copper pipes. The tank in a POLVERE can contain up to 17.5 kg of propellant and each single dose that is sent to […]


Rex Accessories It is the manual rimming machine by BSN. Thanks to its simple mechanical construction, cartridges can be manually fed. REX yields about 2,000 cartridges per hour for all gauges available: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36. The closing stage takes place simultaneously at different stations with four tools: crimper, first flatting device, […]


Metallica Automatic machine for loading pistol and rifle ammunition. Thanks to its high production capacity and its simplicity of use, Metallica is perfect for large and small production batches. The machine frame, which is completely made of steel, gives stability to the entire structure. The accuracy and reliability of its movement are guaranteed by hardened […]